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Financing Cross-Cutting Team Annual Update

Finance The Financing Cross-Cutting Team

Finance The Financing Cross-Cutting Team is in post-production on a webinar focused on Advisory Boards for the audience of farm and food entrepreneurs. On February 6, 2019, the Cross-Cutting Team hosted a convening focused on Farm Transfers: Financing Sticking Points & Solutions. Follow-up and next steps are underway, including a session at the 2019 Farm to Plate Gathering, entitled It’s Never Too Early: Sowing seeds for a sustainable future via succession planning and expanded access to affordable land. Takeaways from the Farm Transfers Convening address topics like: Assumptions of Farm Seekers & Early Stage Farmers about Land Ownership, Strategies to Identify and Reach Markets, Business Assistance When Navigating Land Access and Transfer Transactions, Where Flexible Capital Could Help Catalyze Farm Transitions, and Payment for Ecosystem Services. Here’s a quote from the Advisory Boards Webinar that was shared by John Hamilton, Vice President of Economic Opportunity at New Hampshire Community Loan Fund: “What I hear often from entrepreneurs that end up proceeding with an Advisory Board is regret that they didn’t do it earlier.”

- Eric DeLuca, Group Chair


Slow Money Vermont

Slow Money Vermont, a task force of the Financing CCT, is taking a break from our annual Entrepreneur Showcase in 2019 to focus on creating deeper connections with food system entrepreneurs. In October we plan to unveil our first website, with information, resources, and events. We’re also introducing a new program to give entrepreneurs direct access to our Organizing Team members for mentoring and advice on how to raise capital in Vermont.

- Janice Shade, Group Chair