Food Access Planning

In 2014, the Farmland Access & Stewardship Working Group updated an old guide called Sustaining Agriculture to provide resources for land use planning. These five modules address a number of food system planning topics, but they only provide a cursory introduction to food security. We plan to build off of the foundation laid by the Farmland Access and Stewardship Working Group to develop a sixth module, or other kind of resource. We plan to create a module that speaks to both professional planners (at the local and regional level) and community members, select boards, and others with less formal experience with planning. We intend to work closely with experts in food security and municipal and regional planning to develop a resource that is applicable and useful to the local planning process, building off of lessons learned by the 2014 project.


Food Access Planning Module TF Project Charter

Approved by F2P Steering Committee, Nov 2017

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