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Food Security Planning Resources Task Force Annual Update

The Food Security Planning Resources Task Force has developed Local Planning for Food Access: A Toolkit for Vermont’s Communities, which will help community members and those involved in municipal planning work to address food access in their municipal or regional plan. The Task Force has a diverse membership with experts in food access and municipal and regional planning actively engaged. Engaging people who have not traditionally participated in Farm to Plate has been one of the keys to our success and has helped ensure the toolkit will be useful to people outside of the Network. The toolkit was released in November and the Task Force will re-set and develop a plan for dissemination in 2020. This will serve as Part II of the project, and we plan to put equal effort into dissemination as we did in developing the toolkit. The goal is to make sure the planning community is aware of this resource and to also identify and support a few communities in using this toolkit and serve as case studies for other communities.

- Faye Mack, Group Chair