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All about organics diversion and Act 148: a new website under development

The Food Cycle Coalition is building on the resources from the (now defunct) Highfields Center for Composting website, and expanding it to include information and education about the Vermont Food Recovery Hierarchy. The vision for this website is for it to become a resource for farmers, haulers, restaurants, food rescue organizations, and residents, as well as those outside of Vermont who are learning from our process. The resources that were created by the Highfields Center will be preserved, and augmented with additional content and links to other relevant websites. In order to do this, we are currently interviewing community stakeholders to determine what resources already exist and to identify gaps. We are also considering different ways to organize the content so that it is as easily accessible as possible. Ideally, this website will aid in advancing organics diversion and food rescue within local food systems as Act 148 continues to roll out.

For more information or to suggest resources for inclusion, contact