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Production & Processing Themes at the F2P Network Gathering

The theme of Soil Health as the basis of the food system is a concept that the members of the Production & Processing (P&P) Working Group are intimately familiar with.  Allowing the full Network to share this understanding and passion for the soil provides a terrific opportunity to talk at a more meaningful level with our partners in education, transportation and waste.

The Network gathering also allowed P&P the opportunity to dive more deeply into the benefits and challenges of scaling up from smaller operations to larger ones.  As demand increases for local foods, particularly grass-fed and local meats, tensions increase around land capacity, marketing (skills, interests and time availability), target markets (wholesale/retail/other), farm viability, stored feed capacity and cost, a changing regulatory environment, and more. 

Some of the themes raised at the Network gathering we will be exploring in the future include:

  • Product quality and consistency
  • Farm viability under different situations
  • Methods of scaling up...individual farms or aggregated groups with common market channels
  • Governance or shared marketing structures