Production and Processing

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Wholesale Vegetable Production and Hemp

Farm to Plate’s Production and Processing Working Group (WG) has been focused on a number of different commodities in their discussions over the past year. This has allowed the WG to look at the opportunities and challenges for different groups of producers, processors and markets, and to plan specific meetings to brainstorm positive directions that can be taken that fall in our realm of influence. Some examples are the establishment of a Vermont Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Coordinator position, a Ranching for Profit week-long school this past winter for livestock producers and the beginnings of a feasibility study to look more deeply at markets for locally grown grains. Their next meeting in July will focus on the challenges for two markets - the regional wholesale vegetable market and the burgeoning hemp market. Vern Grubinger will bring his expertise with the vegetable and berry growing community and Stephanie Smith from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture address hemp.