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Farm Viability Indicators Task Force Annual Update

The Farm Viability Indicators Task Force is committed to executing and communicating financial analysis projects that describe valuable benchmarks for agricultural sectors in Vermont. The task force meets to coordinate rigorous and transparent project methods and to identify priority target sectors. Our goal is to provide resources that assist current producers, prospective producers and food system planners. The projects seek to identify and measure the costs, market dynamics, scaling decisions and profitability of farming models. Recent and ongoing projects include: Maple Benchmark (UVM Extension Maple Reports), Grass-Based Beef Economics (Intervale Center Grass Based Beef), Produce Cost of Production (NOFA VT: Cost of Production), Value Added Processing (Center for Ag Economies), Organic Dairy Cost of Production (NOFA-VT/UVM), and Grass-Based Milk Financials (UVM). -Mark Cannella, Group Chair