Research Cross-Cutting Team Annual Update

The Research Cross-Cutting Team operates differently from other Network groups, in that we respond to requests generated by other Cross Cutting Teams and Working Groups. We would like to encourage other Network groups to utilize the opportunity to post research questions on the FSRC (Food System Research Collaborative) list, operated out of UVM. At the same time, we are looking to engage people who work with students at different colleges and universities around the state to connect them with the Farm to Plate Network.
- Molly Anderson & Alison Nihart, Group Chairs

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Fall 2018 Research Ideas from the Farm to Plate Network

Research ideas emerging from the Farm to Plate Network

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First Farm to Plate Research Newsletter Published

The Research CCT co-chairs and VSJF staff members developed a bi-annual food systems research newsletter.

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Research Cross-cutting Team Meeting

January 27, 2016 at University of Vermont

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Research Forum

Fostering collaboration, sharing, and networking among food system and agriculture researchers in Vermont

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