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Rooted in Vermont Reaches Milestone and Next Steps!

We have some exciting Rooted in Vermont news to share – we have officially surpassed 7,000 followers on Facebook and we are nearing the 5,000 mark for hashtag uses on Instagram!

The Rooted in Vermont movement is continuing to gain steam and allowing us to reach even more Vermonters and welcome them into the local food movement. This feat is, in no small part, due to the dedication from this Task Force and the Farm to Plate Network to promote and incorporate Rooted in Vermont into their communications – thank you!

As we continue moving forward, we do have a specific request of all Task Force members:

We are seeking photos that show community engagement – whether that community be family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors – we want to start collecting photos of groups of people engaging together with local food (eating, drinking, cooking, shopping, etc.). Specifically, we are hoping these photos can feature a #RootedinVermont bumper sticker or two.

Could you all try to take a few of these types of photos?

We hope you will share some of these photos in social media as it works for you over the next few weeks. Additionally, we ask that you will share the photos with us so we can use them to enhance our community engagement efforts in January. Please email me the photos directly or share in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder and send me the link.