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Steering Committee & Network Changes for 2017

The Steering Committee met on January 9, 2017 to discuss plans changes for the year ahead. They also dicussed changes to VSJF backbone staff, including the departure of Erica Campbell who is taking a position with Senator Bernie Sanders. Jake Claro will move into the director role, and VSJF will hire a new program manager. 

Annual Report - VSJF will present the Farm to Plate Annual Report to the Legislature (House and Senate Agriculture; House and Senate Commerce) on January 18th from 10am - 12pm in Room 10. Steering Committee members and other Network members are encouraged to attend. 

Steering Committee composition changes - The new Secretary of Agriculture (or designee) and Secretary of Commerce will join the Steering Committee. A Farm to School Network representative will sit on the Steering Committee to help provide greater conection between the two networks

Network structure changes: The April Farm to Plate Leadership Retreat will focus on potential changes to Network structure, such as merging groups to better meet Farm to Plate goals and carry out large projects.