Farm Viability Indicators Task Force

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Identifying priority ag sectors

The indicators task force recognizes that developement and use of industry benchmarks is most helpful when farm operators are following a general accepted practice or system of production. The task force recognizes that novel and innovative practices are essential for proof of concept but that standards and benchmarks are most helpful to guide management in systems that are more likely to be adopted across a larger group of farms in the state. At this point, the task force has begun with a focus on the following sectors based on the combination of a need for more information, high likelihood to see broader adoption of standard practices and higher likelihood for financial feasibilty based on the expected scales of operation in Vermont. The group also considers market demand and price trends in relations to cost of production.

The following sectors are current focus areas for the task force: beef (and backrounding livestock enterprises), maple, specific vegetable crops and organic dairy.

Task force members are also developing business management dashboard templates and adopting a set of standardized financial standards to guide future techincal assistance and analysis projects.