Workforce Needs Assessment and Summit

The Education and Workforce Development Working Group identified the need to assess current educational offerings compared to the needs of today's farm and food businesses.The Workforce Needs Assessment and Summit Task Force helped develop and strengthen relationships between agriculture and food system educators and the Vermont food system business community by commissioning the Workforce Needs Assessment and organizing a summit called Connecting Food Educators with Businesses. More information on both of these activities can be found below. 

The outcomes of the assessment and summit led to the formation of three new Task Forces for this Working Group: Business-Education Partnerships, Integrated Curriculum and Flexible Pathways, and Career Pathways and Image. Follow the links to learn more about the purpose, members, and activities of each Task Force.


Workforce Needs Assessment

Reviewing current food system education offerings and the need for skilled employees in today’s farm and food businesses

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Connecting Food Educators with Businesses

Connecting food system educators with employers and business owners

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