Workforce Needs Assessment and Summit

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Connecting Food Educators with Businesses

Connecting food system educators with employers and business owners

More than one hundred food system educators, state officials, students, and business people met on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 to discuss how to better prepare students for careers in the expanding farm and food sector of Vermont’s economy. They were reacting to a recent study by the Education and Workforce Development Working Group of the Farm to Plate Network, entitled Charting a Path: Food System Workforce Needs Assessment. Conference participants shared ideas to close the gaps between food system education and the needs of today’s employers. These ideas are now shaping the formation of several new task forces in the Education and Workforce Development Working Group. 

Relates to goals: 16 Educational Opportunities; 17 Jobs and Establishments; 18 Livable Wages and Safe Workplaces

Contact: Jonathan Kaplan, Daniel Smith