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1000 Stone Farm
(703) 901-2922
1000 Stone Road
Brookfield, Vermont 05036

We are a family owned and operated 4-season certified organic homestead farm. We provide our customers, whether it is a local restaurant or a neighbor down the street, with sustainably grown produce. Find us at the Burlington Farmers Market and Uncommon Market in Montpelier, or order Organic Garlic Seed online. We’re also on the menu at Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier, Tulsi Tea Room in Montpelier, Sarducci’s in Montpelier, and Ariel’s Restaurant in Brookfield.


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Kyle Doda
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The farm is a 4-season certified organic homestead farm that is providing our community with the food they need year-around at a cost that is realistic for the consumer, supportive of the farmer, and the farm while also being good to the land. We are located in the rocky and rolling hills of Brookfield, VT just north of its famous floating bridge on Sunset Lake. Brookfield is just south of Montpelier by twenty miles.


  • Food Production
    • Herbs
    • Vegetables
  • Retail Food Outlets
    • CSA


Vegetables, herbs