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Aqua Vitea
(802) 453-8590
74 Munsill Avenue, #102
Bristol, VT 05443


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Jill Kiedaisch
Communications Raven 802-453-8590
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Aqua Vitea cultivates health one beverage at a time. We brew Kombucha, a sparkling beverage made from tea, sugar, water, and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Our name is a play on the Latin expression En aqua vitae veritas, or “in living water there is truth.” As a functional food, Kombucha has been revered for centuries for its life enhancing qualities. The husband-brewer and wife-Naturopathic physician duo behind Aqua Vitea continue the tradition by integrating the science of fermentation with the philosophy of Naturopathic medicine. Aqua Vitea pioneered the Kombucha-on-tap business model as the first company in the nation to offer Kombucha from a self-serve, in-store fountain. Since 2007, when owner Jeff Weaber first started brewing Kombucha in his Salisbury, Vermont farmhouse and selling it at the local Middlebury Farmer’s Market, the company has grown exponentially.
Patricia Humiston
(802) 453-8590


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    • Tea


Organic kombucha