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Borderview Farm

(802) 796-3292
146 Line Road
Alburgh, VT 05440

Borderview Farm is a small-scale biofuel production facility located in Alburgh, Vermont on the Canadian border. Having sold his dairy herd after 25 years of dairy farming, farmer-owner Roger Rainville began experimenting with small, farm-scale biodiesel production in 2008. Now housing two presses to test oil extraction and processing efficiencies, Borderview Farm is an applied research facility partnered with University of Vermont (UVM) Extension specializing in oilseed crops, perennial grasses, small grains, hops production and bio-based renewable energy research and development projects relevant to all size farms. Borderview Farm leases a number of acres to UVM Extension for various oilseed crop field trials, including soy, sunflower, canola, flax and camelina. Roger also actively assists as a research partner to Dr. Heather Darby by preparing, seeding, and harvesting the plots; and then pressing the oilseeds for conversion into biodiesel and livestock meal. Launched in 2012 and funded by the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, the Farm Fresh Fuel Project attempts to include as many farmers as possible in Grand Isle County, Vermont in the production of oilseed crops. Producing their own fuel, food, and animal feed with oilseeds like sunflower and canola, these farms will serve as a unified model for other small communities.


Name Title Phone
Roger Rainville
(802) 796-3292
Network Groups: Production and Processing


  • Farm Inputs
    • Animal feed producer or supplier
  • Food Production
    • Grains
    • Oilseeds
    • Hops
  • Energy
    • Biodiesel site


Organic wheat, barley, hops, sunflowers, hay, biodiesel


On-Farm Biodiesel Production

Roger Rainville’s dairy-turned-energy farm in Grand Isle County is a place where area dairy farmers, organic growers, and landowners have made biodiesel from their own locally-grown sunflower seeds.

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