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Cedar Mountain Farm
(802) 436-1448
25 Linden Road
Hartland, VT 05048

Our market garden is a 4 acre mix of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and cover crops. Our draft horses and jersey cows work and graze on the hill pastures and bottomland. With our farm crew we milk cows, make hay, grow vegetables, raise beef and young heifer cows. The land is part of Cobb Hill Co-Housing, a 23 home community focusing on sustainability. The farm is in a permanent conservation program with the UV Land trust and the VT Housing & Conservation Board.


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Kerry Gawalt
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Our small family farm is located in Hartland, Vermont. We have been farming in Hartland since 1999. We produce jersey cow milk, beef and vegetables. Our milk goes into Cobb Hill Cheese, Cobb Hill Frozen Yogurt and Dairy Farmers of America, where it becomes Cabot Cheese. Our vegetables are grown using draft horse power. We practice sustainable agriculture. Our farm hosts school children and the Hartland Cattle Club, a dairy 4-H group. Our farm is part of Cobb Hill CoHousing.


  • Farm Inputs
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  • Food Production
    • Dairy
    • Vegetables
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    • Lamb
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    • CSA
  • Nutrient Management
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Raw milk, mixed vegetables, hay, beef, lamb, compost