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Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District
137 Barre Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05602

CVSWMD hauls food scraps from businesses to go to animal food or compost. We see first hand how some businesses put edible food into our compost totes. We can have a role in facilitating communication between businesses that are still throwing away edible foods and food rescue organizations.


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Cassandra Hemenway
Outreach Manager 802-229-9383 x102
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The Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District runs a Business Organics Program in which we haul food scraps from business in order to divert them from the landfill back into Vermont's soils. Food scraps in central Vermont are hauled to farms and a commercial composting business, where they are both fed to animals, and returned to the soil as rich, fertile compost. CVSWMD follows the state's food hierarchy, and supports feeding people first over and above feeding animals and composting. As such, we encourage participants in our program to first donate food to a food rescue organization. We see first hand the edible food ending up in our compost totes. We are invested in working to help facilitate the movement of those edible foods from the compost back to people. We feel that composting food scraps is a huge step above landfilling it, but a huge step below feeding human beings with it. Our mission is: CVSWMD provides leadership, education, and services for residents and businesses in reducing and managing their solid waste in order to protect public health and the environment to the greatest extent feasible.
Network Groups: Food Cycle Coalition


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