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Commonwealth Dairy
3 Omega Drive
Brattleboro, Vermont 05302

Commonwealth Dairy, LLC is a joint venture between Ehrmann USA, the US subsidiary of Ehrmann AG, and Commonwealth Yogurt. Commonwealth is focused on Store Brand (also known as Private Label) and Co-Pack/Co-Manufacturing of Cultured Dairy products, particularly yogurt.


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Scott Cousino
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Our company was started by three guys with a very basic philosophy - Create a healthy, responsibly made yogurt that tastes great, and is affordable! So how do we do it? we keep it simple. We took out all of the things that we didn't think had to be in yogurt to make it taste good! Our yogurts are an exercise in simplicity, the fewer ingredients the better. Yet, we kept all of the real things that make yogurt taste so good: Pure rBST-free Vermont milk, real fruit and berries, just enough natural sugar to make it sweet - but not too sweet, and lots of live and active cultures. Compare our yogurts to the big brands, and we think you will agree, simpler tastes better.
Lori Nelson
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Currently Warehouse Operations Manager at Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy in Brattleboro, VT. We are producers of greek yogurt. I have over 25 years experience in food distribution, having previously worked for Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Grafton Village Cheese and Northeast Cooperatives (now owned by UNFI).


  • Food Processing or Manufacturing
    • Yogurt


Greek style yogurt


Efficiency at a Dairy Processor

By consulting with Efficiency Vermont from the beginning, Commonwealth was able to make strategic choices that continue to benefit them today—and they haven’t stopped there. Though their facility is widely considered to be state of the art due to their extensive control systems and the latest in processing equipment, Commonwealth continues their pursuit of efficiency.

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