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Compost Technical Services
1 Dugar Road
Worcester, Vermont 05682

Compost Technical Services provides expert compost systems design, operational support, and education, specializing in farm and community based solutions.


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James McSweeney
President & Technical Lead 802-224-6888
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Owner & Technical Lead – Compost Technical Services James is the author of Community-Scale Composting Systems, a comprehensive designer and practitioner’s manual for food scrap composters. He is founder of Compost Technical Services, a consulting practice that specializes in on-farm, commercial, and community-scaled organics recycling solutions, compost systems design, operational support, and composter education. Prior to Compost Technical Services, James was Senior Compost Specialist at the Highfields Center for Composting. He has developed and delivered compost operator trainings on behalf of both the State of Vermont and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with a focus on best management practices in food residuals composting. With a background in agroecology and permaculture, restoring ecological integrity to our cities, communities, farms, and food systems is at the heart of James’ work.


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