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Dun Rite Dailey Farms
(802) 456-1067
1679 Dugar Brook Rd
East Calais, Vermont 05650

Offering piglets for sale, half and whole porks raised on site, fresh eggs, other livestock, and also taking in livestock folks cannot handle anymore. We have a range of animals and raise them mostly to feed our family, but eventually would like to expand further.


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Laura Dailey
Co-owner/operator/farmer (802) 456-1067
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We just began our farm about a year ago, and we are a small family of 4. We raise a lot of small animals, our biggest endeavor is raising our own pork. We have had 22 piglets this year, and sell them as live piglets, or offer the ability to raise them and sell halves and wholes hanging for folks that want meat from a place they can trust for a reasonable price. We also have fresh eggs for sale most of the time, and some other livestock as well. In the Spring of 2016 we will have baby goats and goats milk available regularly for a few customers. We grow veggies each year, and also produce rabbits for fur and food, and are trying to expand into other areas as well. We can also clean houses, pack and move folks and do carpentry, and offer plowing and sanding in the winter months. We are a very versatile family open to any challenge and there to help anyone in need when we can.


  • Food Production
    • Maple syrup
    • Vegetables
    • Poultry
    • Eggs
    • Pork
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