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Eric Garza Information Services
P.O. Box 154
Burlington, Vermont 05402

My goal is to empower businesses, governments, non-profits and private citizens in their search for resilience and adaptability by offering consulting and educational services. I use my training in systems analysis, life cycle assessment, economic analysis and decision support to answer research questions and provide guidance throughout the environmental, energy, and food sectors.


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Eric Garza
Consultant 802-881-8675
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Eric grew up in the midwest, and moved to Vermont in 2007 to study energy systems at the University of Vermont. He finished his PhD in 2011, and now teaches food systems courses at the University of Vermont and Green Mountain College, as well as consulting in the energy, food and environmental sectors.


  • Education
    • General food system education
    • Out of school programs
    • Adult / continuing education
    • Support organization: Education
  • Workforce Development
    • Internship / Apprenticeship / Mentorship programs
    • Support organization: Workforce Development
  • Business Planning and Technical Assistance
    • Feasibility and planning
  • Energy
    • Installers / consultants / manufacturers
    • Support organization: Energy


consulting, classes, workshops, mentoring