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Farm First is a free and confidential business and personal service for all VT farm owners and their farm-based family members grossing a minimum of $10,000/year from agriculture. Sometimes asking for help boosts your bottom line. Farm First helps with small and large problems, taking the stress load off your shoulders. With a single phone call, you reach Farm First’s fully licensed, agriculturally-sensitive resource specialists and counselors. We will discuss with you, confidentially and at no cost, the best method to address and resolve your concerns. Farm First provides confidential help with any personal or work-related issue. We know that if left unaddressed, stress correlates with chronic health, safety, family and business problems. Farmers call Farm First about practical resource issues (eldercare, childcare, housing, medical, legal or financial concerns) and about relationship or family issues, grief and loss, alcohol or drug addiction, depression or anxiety, and management issues. Farm First also helps farmers adapt to injuries and health problems. We consult with you and provide information, brief counseling and referral. If you are farming with an injury or disability, or if you need respite labor while you’re laid up, Farm First wil connect you with a Vocational Rehabilitation Farm First counselor and AgrAbility to help you continue farming. Call Farm First: 1-877-493-6216 anytime day or night!


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Myra Handy
Manager, Farm First 802-951-5156
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I manage the Farm First Program which provides 24/7 confidential and free consultation, resource and solution-focused counseling services to help VT farmers address personal, family or professional concerns. Since personal worries impact us at work, this program can increase farm safety by decreasing stress and providing support and solutions. We help with anything that is of concern to the farmer including counseling regarding relationship stress, family conflict, accommodations for disability or injury issues (in collaboration with Vocational Rehabilitation and AgrAbility) to legal, financial and eldercare concerns. We also provide management consultations to help farmers with the complexities of dealing with employees. Farm First is a partnership between the Agency of Agriculture, UVM Extension and Invest EAP and began in 2009 for dairy producers and expanded in 2013 to serve ALL Vermont farmers grossing $10,000+ from their farms. Farmers are encouraged to call Farm First for more information 24/7 at 1-877-493-6216.
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Personal help for personal concerns, Free counseling and Management consulting, Voc Rehab assistance for keeping your farming following injury or disability