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Fungal Forest
(413) 768-9754
527 Neal rd

We provide a unique nutritionally dense vegetarian and vegan friendly food source. The mushrooms we produce contain a high source of protein, vitamin D and antioxidants.


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Matthew DiLuzio
Co-owner (413) 768-9745
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I'm a new gourmet mushroom farmer located in White River Junction. We are cultivating a variety of oyster mushrooms, lions mane, maitake, shitake, pioppino, brick cap, and many more on the horizon. My buddy Jesse and I make it our mission to bring in a new level of sustainability to mushroom production by eliminating the use of non-recyclable plastic and lowering our energy use by utilizing inovative sterilization techniques. We are in the design stages of integrating mushroom production into a permaculture-based perrenial gardern.
Jesse Marksohn
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Co-owner of Fungal Forest, a gourmet mushroom farm based out of White River Junction. I am passionate about wildcrafting, carbon sequestration through perennial crops, and building redundancy into Vermont's food, water, and energy systems.


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    • Mushrooms
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Mushrooms, mycileated compost