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Got Weeds?
4290 VT Rte 14
Royalton, Vermont 05068

Invasive Species Management with a focus on long-term stewardship, soil health, and native biodiversity.


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Michael Bald
Founder 802-763-8260
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Founder of Got Weeds?, offering non-chemical invasive species control for organic farmers, growers, and landowners. Services include consultations and planning for management of terrestrial invasive species. Control work focuses on rehabilitating sites over the long term, encouraging the return of native species as the exotics are removed. Very much unforeseen was the evolution of the company to specialize in dangerous plants like wild parsnip. But evolution is a good thing, so I go with it. Available to present at workshops and training events, although availability is a lot tighter in the growing season. Live and work out of Royalton, tinkering with the idea of growing herbs on a larger scale.


  • Farm Inputs
    • Pest and disease control
  • Food Access and Nutrition
    • Community / public garden
  • Education
    • General food system education
    • Career and Technical Education Center
    • Internship / Apprenticeship / Mentorship programs
    • Adult / continuing education
  • Business Planning and Technical Assistance
    • Land access
    • Packaging and safety


training, assessment, consulting, planning, site work, eradication, re-planting