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Green Writers Press
34 Miller Road
West Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

Welcome! We at Green Writers Press are grateful for your interest. We invite you to think of our new publishing company as a community, a community that includes you. You’ve come to a place where you can give support to local writers and artists who share your concerns, a place where you help spread the word about global climate change and its profound consequences. The more we work together—readers, writers, artists, thinkers, activists—the more effectively we will succeed in broadening everyone’s awareness of our shared challenges and the ways we can work to address them. With the Tar Sands pipeline proposal at a critical point of decision, NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD and to lend strength to those who are fighting to protect our planet and all the life that it nourishes. In the Jan. 6th Rutland Herald titled “New Vermont Publisher Goes Green,” which ends with the quote: “I see that rather than just go along with business as usual, it’s time for a change,” Cummings says. “What the localvore movement did for the food industry, we want to be for publishing.” We want to connect with the Vermont Farm-to-Plate network because we believe in the eating/growing localvore philosophy.


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Dede Cummings
Publisher 802-380-1121
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Dede Cummings, the founder of Green Writers Press, is a book designer and writer. She has studied at Middlebury College, with Hayden Carruth at the Bennington Writers’ Workshop, and at the Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference. Her writing has been published in various journals and magazines, and she is a public radio commentator for Vermont Public Radio, and lives next to an apple orchard on a dirt road in West Brattleboro, Vermont with her family. Dede speaks frequently to school groups, literary conferences and workshops about writing and publishing, as well as sustainability and the ‘localvore’ movement in book publishing.


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