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Health Hero Farm
350 West Shore Rd.
South Hero, Vermont 05486

We grow, aggregate and distribute more healthy, nutrient dense food.


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Eric Noel
Co-owner 802-752-8731
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Eric Noël grew up on a conventional dairy farm in Highgate, Vermont. He returned to farming after a few years as a pit crew mechanic for the IndyCar series to transition the family farm in Vermont. Steering it from a conventional crop and dairy farm to a high performing operation, he gained recognition for his certified organic diversified, grass-fed beef and vegetable farm. Tuning into the infinite wisdom, drawing on proven techniques from around the world and stacking them together, he transformed the soil, forages and cattle in record time. The farm grew to serve hundreds of families the highest quality, most nutrient dense fresh food available. Eric is recognized by his colleagues as the top grazier in the Northeast. Eric draws from his training in Holistic Management and his eight years on the ground fine-tuning his techniques to help other farmers reach their full potential on their farms. Eric is now the President of the Vermont Grass Farmers Association and is the Chair of the Northeast Pasture Consortium Stakeholder Action Committee. He has presented numerous times over the past four years around the Northeast at conference settings and on-site at farms. To contact Eric and to find out how he can help the farmers in your organization, please email or call today. Email or call 802-752-8731.


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Beef, vegetables, soil building consultation, tours, workshops