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Hollister Hill Farm and B&B
(802) 454-7725
2193 Hollister Hill Rd.
Marshfield, Vermont 05658

We had been dairy farmers shipping to Cabot Creamery of almost 20 years. Left the dairy business in 1997. In 2001 we opened a small retail farm store and have been offering naturally/organically raised meats/raw milk/maple syrup and fruits and vegetables ever since.


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Lee and Bob Light
co-owners (802) 454-7725
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We moved to the Plainfield/Marshfield area in 1972 as back-to-the-landers. Our main interest at that time was to learn to produce healthy food for our family; we had no prior experience. Through more than 40 years of homesteading and farming in Vermont, we’ve learned an amazing amount about the care of animals, crops and the land and we are still learning. Most of our farming career centered on milking cows, especially Jerseys. Even though we were predominately dairy farmers, we always made sure that we raised a few pigs, chickens, turkeys and ducks for ourselves and always had beef in our freezer. We got out of the commercial dairy business in 1997. In 2001, we opened a small retail store where we sell our own naturally raised pork, beefalo, turkeys, chickens, and maple syrup. But in 2009 we had the opportunity to expand our store, add organically grown vegetables and berries from Lee’s garden, and milk a few Jersey cows. In addition to all of our other products, we now proudly and happily offer raw Jersey milk to our customers. Our farm has now come full circle and we are once again happily milking our beloved Jersey cows.


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educating people about small farm care of land and animals.