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Holly Fowler
66 Raymond Avenue
Somerville, Massachusetts 02144

Holly Fowler is prepared to assist state and local governments, organizations, enterprises, and entrepreneurs to meet their goals and commitments to contribute to a more sustainable food system for Vermont, the New England Region, and beyond. Holly's unique experience in working from a local to global scale across all markets and with diverse stakeholders of the food system make her an exceptional facilitator, advisor, and guide to building relationships for action and identifying meaningful measures of success.


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Holly Fowler
Food Systems Change Consultant 617-899-9690
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Holly Fowler is a recognized sustainability leader and systems thinker providing valuable insights, facilitation, and impact analysis to strategic planning, change management, and stakeholder engagement processes within the sustainable agriculture, energy, water, waste and public health nexus. From 2008-2013, Holly served as the Senior Director of Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility for Sodexo North America, the largest provider of contracted food services to corporations, health care institutions, colleges, universities, public school systems, and cultural and cultural destinations. In this role, she developed operational policies to support the company’s commitments to reduce environmental impacts, to promote nutrition, health and wellness, and to increase sourcing of sustainable products, including local food. Holly has designed and facilitated 20 major sustainability seminars since 2009, including one in Burlington, utilizing a multi-stakeholder engagement platform and experiential learning approach with proven effectiveness to accelerate awareness and progressive action by participants. These seminars and learning journeys have reached over 2000 people including food service professionals, farmers and food producers, food processors, manufacturers and suppliers, community advocacy groups, NGOs, health and nutrition professionals, academics, scientists, public officials, policy makers, media, and others positioned to lead and to influence food system changes. Holly previously served as the Director of Sodexo’s Global Education Market, where she led the effective coordination, development, and adaptation of programs for 80 geographically dispersed and diverse teams. In that role, she project managed three major international summits on environmental sustainability and childhood nutrition and obesity, all with the objective to develop capacity for producing, purchasing, and offering more sustainable food to local communities. Holly holds a Masters of Business Administration from Babson College and a dual AB from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME. In 2013, Holly completed the Professional Certificate in Sustainable Food Systems Leadership from the University of Vermont, which provided firsthand study of the VT Farm to Plate program, community economic development in the Northeast Kingdom, and food system investment strategy with the Intervale Center, the Center for an Agricultural Economy, and the Vermont Food Venture Center. She has advised the State of Vermont Department of Agriculture on its food service industry engagement strategy and assisted NOFAVT to improve understanding of the institutional food contracting process and to increase local and sustainable sourcing. Additionally, her experiences in Vermont have included engagements with UVM, Champlain College, Norwich University, Shelburne Farm, Fletcher Allen Healthcare, High Mowing Seeds, Pete’s Greens, Half Pint Farms, Bread & Butter Farm, Blue Spruce Farm, Greenhorns, and Green Mountain Farm-to-School to name a few.


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strategic planning, facilitation, organizational development, consulting, start-up advice, community engagement, impact analysis, program development, management and assessment