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Jasper Hill Farm / Cellars at Jasper Hill
(802) 533-2566
884 Garvin Hill Road
Greensboro, VT 05841


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Andy Kehler
(802) 533-2566
Network Groups: Production and Processing
Zoe Brickley
Sales and Marketing (802) 533-2566
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Zoe Brickley began exploring the world of cheese while attending the French Culinary Institute of New York City. From there she took on the role of cave manager and American buyer at Murray's Cheese after some time spent behind the counter. Currently, Zoe directs sales and marketing for Cellars at Jasper Hill - a facility dedicated to preserving the working landscape in northern Vermont through farmstead cheese production. Zoe has been an aesthetic competition judge and has served as a Certified Cheese Professional Exam committee member for the American Cheese Society (ACS), competed in the Caseus international cheesemonger competition (2009), and has presented hundreds of seminar hours for private companies as well as for organizations like the ACS, San Francisco Cheese School, Sterling College, Slow Food University, and the Vermont and Seattle Cheese Festivals.


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Cow milk cheese