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Land for Good
(603) 357-1600
39 Central Square, Suite 306
Keene, NH 03431

Our mission is to ensure the future of farming in New England by putting more farmers more securely on more land.


Name Title Phone
Mike Ghia
(603) 357 1600
Jim Habana Hafner
(603) 357-1600
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Jim Habana Hafner assumed overall management of Land For Good (LFG) in 2015 as part of a planned succession strategy and after serving as Deputy Director (2013-14). Jim has over 20 years experience doing program and fund development, outreach and research for organizations in international agriculture, community development, and public health. He has worked with farmers, NGOs and researchers on land tenure, farming systems, agro-forestry and watershed management, especially in less-industrialized countries. Jim has graduate degrees in International Agriculture (University of California at Davis) and Natural Resources (Cornell University). He has taught environmental studies, soil science, and geography at universities in California, Connecticut and Massachusetts.
Lisa Luciani
(603) 357-1600
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With 25 years of marketing communications experience in the nonprofit sector, from outreach to graphic design to digital media, Lisa enjoys the creative elements of her role. As communications coordinator for Land For Good, Lisa communicates with a growing sector for farm and food system news and information that helps beginning farmers, farm families, community supporters, and other service providers. Her innovative web design work has received national recognition and honors. Land For Good works throughout New England to help farmers access and transfer farms and farmland.
Cris Coffin
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I'm the Policy Director for Land For Good, an organization working across New England to gain ground for farmers.
Kathryn Ruhf
(413) 323-4340
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staff at Land For Good, Inc. Work on land access, tenure and transfer.
Kate Kellman
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Ensuring the future of farming by putting more farmers more securely on more land. New England based nonprofit organization.


  • Farm Inputs
    • Land access / conservation
    • Support organization: Farm Inputs
  • Education
    • Internship / Apprenticeship / Mentorship programs
    • Support organization: Education
    • Research / Consulting
  • Business Planning and Technical Assistance
    • Feasibility and planning
    • Land access
  • Regulations and Public Policy
    • Advocacy organization


Through workshops, education, training, innovative projects and partnerships, and direct advising, Land For Good assists farmers, landowners, and communities to improve farmers' access to productive land. Our Farm Seekers Program fosters farming opportunities by helping farm seekers acquire farms and farmland. Our Farm Legacy Program ensures meaningful legacies by helping transfer farms to the next generation or operator. Our Working Lands Program increases land stewardship by helping landowners make land available for farming.


No One to Take Over the Farm

New study released by American Farmland Trust and Land For Good finds many exiting farmers in Vermont do not have someone to take the reins

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