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Mark & Kerry's Farm
98020 461-8214
1275 Chesley Hill Road
Sheffield, Vermont 05866-0066

As a well-diversified organic farm, we are at the heart of Vermont's food system. We grow local food for local people. Our main goal is to produce highly nutritious foods that the vast majority of our neighbors can afford to eat.


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Kerry Drown
owner 802-461-8214
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Mark & Kerry's Farm is on a a well-diversified and community-focused farm business this is where nutritious, highest-quality foods are produced in an organic and responsible manner; Where land is used wisely and conserved accordingly; Where food and textile-producing animals are raised using the most natural and humane techniques possible; and where every opportunity is taken to contribute to the community by growing food that is economically attainable by the vast majority of our neighbors. Mark and Kerry are now strangers to farming.. Mark spent his teen-aged years working for relatives' dairy farms while Kerry spent her high school career working on one large dairy farm as an assistant. As an adult, she has owned her own certified organic produce and poultry farm business with a 46 member CSA, spent three years producing thousands of bales of hay as part of her farm business, was the general manager of a large garden center, and most recently has worked for both a certified organic highly intensive Vermont vegetable farm as a farm assistant and mentee, and a local dairy and nationally recognized farmstead cheese producer where she worked as the afternoon milker and has assisted in the cheese making process.


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