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Rhapsody Natural Foods
752 Danville Hill Road
Cabot, Vermont 05647

Our Mission To produce high quality organic and natural artisan foods, and to support local and regional sustainable food systems in the process. Our Vision Through our actions we enhance personal well-being, health, peace, and prosperity, and further a sustainable food system, focusing on our direct community and its impact on our global environment. We do this in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.


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Sjon Welters
General Manager 802-563-2172
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Rhapsody Natural Foods is a small family-run producer of genuinely traditional foods. We make certified organic tempeh, miso, rice milk, amazake, and koji. We also make vegan eggrolls and organic ready-to-eat tempeh products. We love traditional foods because they nourish us, increase our stamina and vitality, and improve our overall health while at the same time sustaining our community and natural environment. We find it important that what we produce is organic to make sure we’re part of a sustainable agricultural cycle. Rhapsody is anchored in its community by buying local and living where we work. The following are key elements in all that we do: craftsmanship; maintaining the human touch; “small is beautiful”. Behind all this is our passion to bring you tasty foods for a plant-based diet. We believe this is where we personally can make the easiest and quickest steps toward positive change. Please join us on this path towards a sustainable and peaceful world.


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    • Specialty foods / snacks
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tempeh, miso, rice milk, amazake, eggrolls, koji,