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Robinson Hill Beef
1943 County Rd.
Montpelier, Vermont 05602

We provide grass fed and finished beef that not only enriches the diets of those eating it, but also the land and watershed in which we graze. Our cattle are moved daily to fresh pasture - receiving optimum nutrition, building soil, sequestering carbon, distributing fertility and impact evenly, and growing water quality infrastructure. Robinson Hill Beef donates beef to local non-profits, as well as other advocacy and activism related projects; it's owners work and volunteer in other areas of social, ecological, and economic justice initiatives including Rural Vermont, EarthWalk Vermont, the Hunger Mtn. Coop, Walking Onion, and more.


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Graham Unangst-Rufenacht
Co-owner (802) 585-6236
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Robinson Hill Beef - - is seasonal grass and finished beef farm. It is co-owned by Graham Unangst-Rufenacht and Aaron Guman, and is a part of their larger organization, Walking Onion - (which includes a perennial vegetable and medicinal plant nursery, and a home - farm scale permaculture design / install business). Our primary goals are the biological and regenerative management of land using day paddock and long rest period grazing systems, and agroforestry systems; and the direct local distribution of nutrient dense and healthy beef. We have dreams of have secure long term tenure on the land our animals will live, starting families, and cocreating diverse, agrarian, decentralized, democratic, and socially / economically / racially just communities in the land now called "Vermont".


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Grass-Fed and Finished Beef, Consultation, Design / Install