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Round Sky Solutions
(802) 552-0122
P.O. Box 961
Montpelier, Vermont 05601

We cultivate highly effective and productive organizations, from micro-startups to large coalition efforts. With 25+ years in food system work, we bring a grounded knowledge of the industry matched with a cutting edge, affordable, and collaborative approach to running organizations.


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Cecile Green
Founding Partner (802) 552-0122
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Cecile Green is a visionary, entrepreneur, experiential philosopher, and farmer with a passion for assisting mission driven organizations achieve their visions. As an integral scholar practitioner and life long learner, she holds a B.S. in Community Supported Agricultural Systems and has over two decades of experience in entrepreneurial environments. She has participated in nearly a dozen organizational launches and built from the ground up four successful businesses. As the innovator of a cutting edge, rapid culture change tool kit, CollabTM, which effectively converts all kinds of organizational challenges into fuel for the organization, she has been researching and experimenting with questions of power, systems of decision-making, and efficient operations for over 20 years in both academic and experiential arenas. She provides training and facilitation in CollabTM to mission driven organizations from hospitals to colleges, and small business to nonprofits. Cecile is the author of the book “Collaboration that Works: A Ruthlessly Practical Handbook for a Generative World,” a training manual which summarizes her research and introduces these tools for practical application in organizations. Cecile is a compelling and engaging speaker and has presented at conferences small and large from the Integral Theory Conference 2013 to Senator Leahy’s Women’s Economic Opportunity Conference. Cecile was raised in Istanbul Turkey for 10 years as a child where she learned French in an embassy school and spent hours exploring ancient ruins and the waters of the Aegean. She is married to the talented and dedicated Integral Coach Daniel Little and is mother of an aspiring 24 year-old change maker. In her spare time, she enjoys the wilds of Vermont, ecstatic dancing, and building beautiful homes and gardens.
Network Groups: Tech Task Force


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mission development, business planning, operations, collaborative management, cooperatives, worker owned enterprises