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The Carrot Project
(617) 674-2371
89 South St Suite 700
Boston, MA 02111-2670

In Vermont we offer a loan fund for small & medium sized farm and food enterprises, for loans up to $50,000, and we offer related business and financial technical assistance to borrowers or potential borrowers. To operate the loan fund we collaborate with our partner, Vermont Community Loan Fund. We also frequently partner with other organizations to provide technical assistance. - WHAT WE DO ACROSS THE NORTHEAST - The Carrot Project provides financing and assistance to help producers and processors thrive: We create and administer four loan funds serving Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine & the Greater Berkshires; and provide business and financial assistance to producers and processors. - WHAT WE DO ACROSS THE COUNTRY - We collaborate on research and innovative thinking that contributes to a diverse and strong farm sector and food system. - WHO WE ARE - The Carrot Project works at the forefront of change by helping to create a sustainable local farm and food economy. We make long-term investments in the building blocks — farmers and food system businesses — and help them succeed. Only when these businesses thrive will it be possible to provide increasing amounts of healthful food for consumers, replenish the environment, and contribute to regional and local economies. We are helping farmers and food businesses become ready for capital and help them manage it successfully. We are helping financing institutions understand farm and food businesses. We are building both the businesses and financial institutions capacity and willingness to engage. We use financing and business support to assist family farms that use sustainable growing methods and food system businesses that sell their products locally and regionally. We help entrepreneurs who, despite their strong skills as craftspeople, face difficulties in accessing capital. We then use our experience to catalyze increased numbers of lenders and the amount of financing devoted to the sector; we accomplish this through collaboration, research, and cross-fertilization.


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Dorothy Suput
(617) 674-2371
Network Groups: Financing


  • Business Planning and Technical Assistance
    • Access to capital
    • Accounting and taxes
    • Feasibility and planning
  • Financing Organizations
    • Loans / debt
    • Program related investment (PRI)


Loans, Technical Assistance, Business Planning, Cash Flow Planning, Financing Resources, Slow Money Investments