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The Gleanery
133 Main Street
Putney, Vermont 05346

Within a few miles of The Gleanery, there are many extraordinary small farms, skilled artists and artisans, and a bold, engaged community of residents. Inside the restaurant, The Gleaners bring together years of restaurant experience matched with experience and passion for community, art and ecology. In 2012, The Gleaners formed as a team to create a restaurant that could encompass all of this. They immediately set out to develop a larger team of farmers, artists, and the entire neighborhood to embark on this bold vision. It turns out they weren't alone in having this dream and the willingness to pursue it. With a Community Supported Restaurant model, Kickstarter funding, and "loans" of startup food from farmers, plates from artists, and professional assistance, over 200 people came together to create The Gleanery. Quite the barn raising!


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Alice James
Kristina Israel
Promotions Liaison 802-387-5866
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Kristina Israel always wanted to work at a food co-op because, as she put it, “that’s where they sell the best food.” She got her chance in 2006 when she moved to Putney and was hired as a stocker at the Putney Food Co-op. She’s been there ever since, and is in currently in charge of marketing and outreach for the much-loved little store. Kristina was the founding manager for the Putney Farmers’ Market, and worked with the owners of The Gleanery to promote the community-supported restaurant in its start-up phase. She serves on the board of Discover Putney, and is a volunteer at the Putney Food Shelf. For her, food is the common thread that knits her community together. She lives in Putney with her husband of 10 years and their son, who just turned 5.


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prepared foods, preserved foods, local meats, local produce, local dairy, artisan cheese, bread, desserts, pour-over coffee, cultured foods, inspired cuisine