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The Putney School
418 Houghton Brook Road
Putney, Vermont 05346

We are a progressive, secondary school for boarding and day students, situated on a 500-acre working dairy farm in southern Vermont. Central to the fundamental beliefs articulated by our founder Carmelita Hinton in 1935, is the vision that education is something to be actively pursued rather than passively received. We teach to the whole individual, through discussion-based humanities classes, the scientific discovery method, extensive artistic opportunities, and a student-lead work program.


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Katie Ross
Gardener, Farm Assistant, and Science Teacher (802) 380-2067
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I am the vegetable gardener, farm assistant and a science teacher at The Putney School, a boarding high school in Putney, VT. At Putney I work with the students to raise vegetables for the school's dining hall on 2.5 acres of land; I also work on the school's dairy farm and teach Agroecology. Through the course of my job I engage students in farm work, teach about sustainability and complex systems in the context of agriculture, increase students' awareness of food and farm systems, and empower them to follow their interests in the areas of agriculture, sustainability, gardening and food preservation. I've lived in Vermont for 8 years and worked at a few different educational farms before coming to Putney.


  • Farm Inputs
    • Land access / conservation
    • Livestock breeder
  • Food Production
    • Dairy
    • Maple syrup
    • Herbs
    • Vegetables
    • Beef
    • Poultry
    • Eggs
    • Pork
  • Food Processing or Manufacturing
    • Bakery
    • Fluid milk
  • Retail Food Outlets
    • Dining service / cafeteria
  • Nutrient Management
    • Compost producer or supplier
  • Food Access and Nutrition
    • Community / public garden
    • Cooking / nutrition classes
    • Gleaning programs
  • Education
    • General food system education
    • Farm to School programs
    • Internship / Apprenticeship / Mentorship programs
    • Other: Education
  • Energy
    • Solar site


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