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University of Vermont
University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont 05405

Saffron is an emerging high value crop that will support revenues of small family farms.


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Margaret Skinner
Research Professor (802) 656-5440
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Dr. Margaret Skinner is a Research Professor and Extension Entomologist at the Univ. of Vermont, Entomology Research Lab, where she has worked for 36 years, conducting research on management of a wide array of insect pests in forests, vegetables and greenhouse ornamentals. Her current primary target pests are aphids in high-tunnel vegetables and western flower thrips in greenhouse ornamentals. She works on developing strategies to maximize the potential of insect-killing fungi and plant-mediated systems. As the UVM Extension Entomologist she assists professional growers and homeowners with pest id and IPM. She co-founded the North American Center for Saffron Research & Development, which seeks to develop the potential of this high-value crop to increase revenue generation options for small family farms through greater diversification.
Caitlin Morgan
Giovanna Sassi
(802) 338-1031
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Plant Pathologist
Wendy Hull


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