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University of Vermont Extension
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Chris Callahan is the Extension Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Vermont. His work focuses on the application of the engineering practice to food systems. Specific engagement is with food producers, processors, and distributors to improve efficiency, quality, safety and cost control through integration of technology, systems integration and process controls. Research and educational programming includes the following: Post-harvest practices and storage - water management, environmental control, drying systems, humidification systems, refrigeration systems Protected culture and covered growing systems - greenhouses, high tunnels Energy use in the food system - farm-based biofuels, renewable energy systems, energy efficiency measures Development of specialized equipment - hops harvesting, hops drying, meat curing, computer aided field operations


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Chris Callahan
Ext Assoc Prof Agricultural Engineering 8024427582;256
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Chris Callahan is the Extension Agricultural Engineer at the University of Vermont. His work focuses on enhancing Vermont's Food Systems supporting the analysis, design, evaluation and adoption of infrastructure and equipment that meets the needs of relatively small-scale food producers and processors. Chris enjoys working closely with farmers and others on multi-disciplinary projects that deliver practical, cost effective, safe and sustainable results.


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