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University of Vermont Tree Fruit and Viticulture
63 Carrigan Dr
Burlington, Vermont 05405

Conduct applied research and outreach programs for Vermont apple and grape producers.


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Terence Bradshaw
Research and Outeach Specialist, Tree Fruit and Viticulture (802)922-2591
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Terence Bradshaw, was raised on a central Vermont dairy farm. After college, he managed commercial orchards in Massachusetts and Vermont before returning to the UVM Apple Team as a Research Specialist in 1999. He has been a member of the faculty of UVM Plant & Soil Science since 2014 and directs the UVM Fruit Program and the Horticulture Research and Education Center. His research and outreach program is designed to address sustainability issues in the tree fruit and viticulture industries in Vermont. Specific program areas include: technical support to address horticultural and pest management needs of Vermont fruit growers; assessment of organic apple production systems in cool, humid climates; grape cultivar evaluation; assessment of apple production systems for hard cider markets; and mitigation of apple replant disease. He teaches undergraduate courses in orchard and vegetable crop systems; farm planning; and agriculture policy and ethics.


  • Farm Inputs
    • Agricultural equipment
    • Pest and disease control
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  • Food Production
    • Vineyard (grapes)
    • Fruits
  • Food Processing or Manufacturing
    • Cider mill
    • Winery
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  • Nutrient Management
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  • Education
    • Colleges / Universities
    • Adult / continuing education
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  • Workforce Development
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    • Production / Processing technical assistance