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Vermont Farmers Food Center
(802) 779-1485
251 West Street
Rutland, Vermont 05701

The Vermont Farmers Food Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. VFFC is dedicated to furthering public understanding that regional food self reliance, closely linking farmers with their consumers, will require the restructuring of food economy. Rutland County in Vermont is capable of producing much more of its own food. Given the escalating transportation costs, sustaining local agriculture and ensuring food self sufficiency is a high regional priority. MissionTo increase access and availability of locally produced food through the development of the infrastructure, educational programs and markets necessary for the growth of a vibrant and sustainable regional agricultural system that has the capacity to feed its citizens regardless of economic status, increase the personal health of the population, and add to the economic wellbeing of the community.


Name Title Phone
Kathleen Krevetski
member of VFFC Board of Directors, Secretary 802-779-1485
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Kathleen Krevetski, resides with her husband Wayne in the Rutland City and considers themselves to be "urban homesteaders" An RN with a Masters in Public Policy, Kathleen serves on the Board of Directors of the Vermont Farmers Food Center in Rutland and serves as the organization’s secretary, Kathleen has been both part of the on-site labor-force and influential in volunteer recruitment. She is also helping to develop VFFC programs geared toward improving the health and wellbeing of the Rutland Community
Heidi Lynch
Health Care Share Program Coordinator 802-342-4219
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Vermont Farmers Food Center, Health Care Share Coordinator
Melinda Hardt
Education Coordinator FABEL (802) 417-7581
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Education Coordinator for the Vermont Farmers Food Center
Emma Hileman
Farmacy Project Intern 540-320-3399


  • Retail Food Outlets
    • Farmers' market
  • Energy
    • Solar site