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Women's Agricultural Network (UVM Extension)
(802) 223-2389
327 US Route 302
Berlin, VT 05641

Through a series of educational, technical assistance, and networking opportunities, WAgN works to increase the number of women owning and operating profitable farms and ag-related businesses, as well as their profile in leadership positions throughout the agricultural sectors of business, government and community.


Name Title Phone
Beth Holtzman
Coordinator (802) 223-2389
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I provide outreach, education and technical assistance to aspiring and beginning farmers.
Mary Peabody
Director (802) 223-2389
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Mary Peabody is a Community Economic Development Specialist with University of Vermont Extension. She started her career with UVM Extension in 1988 and currently works with both the Women's Agricultural Network (WAgN) and the Vermont New Farmer Network (VtNFN). Her professional interests include the sustainability of rural communities, distance education technology and issues pertaining to small and mid-size farm development.

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Education, technical assistance.