Farmed tilapia in a tank. Photo: Amanda Beal.

With global fisheries in severe decline, local and regional aquaculture production systems may present an important opportunity for the regional food system. Vermont lacks an ocean coastline, and hasn’t had a commercial fishery on Lake Champlain in many years, but there may be room for growth in aquaculture production. 

What is Vermont's potential for fish production? What strategies can be employed to grow aquaculture in Vermont? This section will answer these questions in detail.


Trout fry.
Photo: Cheryl Herrick

Brown trout thrive on Mountain Foot Farm

On a sunny spring day earlier this year, steam was pouring out of sugarhouses, calves and lambs and kids were being born, and greenhouses were teeming with plant starts. And on Curtis Sjolander’s Mountain Foot Farm in Wheelock, in the barn just behind his house, hundreds of brown trout were…

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