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Retail Training Collection

The Retail Collection includes resources developed or used by the Independent Grocers Task Force to complement its statewide in-store retail trainings, including the Take 5 video series along with written resources designed to help retailers more effectively source and merchandise local food. Video episode topics include promotions, purchasing, merchandising, in-store displays, signage, sampling, and procurement. The written resources cover purchasing, merchandising, operations, financials, and staffing. Farmers and specialty food producers interested in learning more about best practices in retail merchandising may also find value in the video series.

Retail Training Collection Impulse and Ed-Cap Fundamentals to Boost Sales

End caps & impulse displays are used to promote new products, feature Vermont, seasonal and popular items while providing customers with value propositions.


Vermont Food and Health Program Inventory

This document, prepared by the Health Cross-Cutting Team, presents a sampling of the wide variety of programs across Vermont that address the intersection of food and health, from community-based nutrition education programs to a hospital supporting a community cold storage facility. This resource also identifies programs with an intended outcome of "increasing consumption of local food" or "assisting local farmers with costs," and the CCT hopes that this comparison of programs may be helpful to organizations who would like to add a local aspect to their food programs. These examples were collected over the course of 2018 by the Farm to Plate Network Health Cross-Cutting Team (CCT). The CCT developed and disseminated a survey that received these responses. All information is self-reported.


2018 Farm to Plate Annual Report

The enabling legislation for Vermont Farm to Plate created a 10-year time horizon spanning 2010 to 2020 for the creation and implementation of a statewide food system plan. As Farm to Plate concludes its eighth full year and approaches 2020, there is strong recognition that we have made major progress in implementing priority strategies and achieving the objectives identified in the plan. Since 2010: • Purchases of local food in Vermont have increased by $176 million to $289 million in total (12.9% of total food and beverage sales). • 6,559 net new jobs and 742 net new businesses have been created. • The percentage of food insecure Vermont households has dropped to 9.8% from 13.2%. We come to the Legislature not only to report on the latest year of progress, but also to ask to open a new chapter and decade of Farm to Plate’s existence by reauthorizing the Farm to Plate Investment Program for another 10 years. Our hope is that this year’s Annual Report begins to outline the challenges, opportunities, and approaches Farm to Plate will focus on now and into the decade to come.


A 2018 Exploration of the Future of Vermont Agriculture: Ideas to Seed a Conversation and a Call to Action

"A 2018 Exploration of the Future of Vermont Agriculture” is an attempt to capture an assessment that emerged from several conversations amongst a small group of organizations grappling with how to respond to ongoing negative trends in Vermont agriculture. The hope for this report is that it will serve as a launching point for any number of conversations across the state. In summary, the analysis of the report is that a variety of factors are combining that threaten Vermont’s economy, community, and culture. We see existing activities (e.g., land conservation easements and technical assistance) as highly valuable, but not sufficient to fully address anticipated trends. Therefore, we believe new approaches must be identified, evaluated, and implemented, in addition to sufficiently investing in existing high-impact approaches. We invite feedback on how to undertake such a process, and how to fund, administer, and coordinate implementation across our networks.


2018 Research Ideas

Summary of research ideas emerging from the Farm to Plate Network as of fall 2018


Career Profiles

A collection of resources from the Career Profiles project, including profiles of workers in Vermont's food system, resources for teachers, and background information.

Career Profiles Exploring Food System Careers

This guidebook explores the wide range of careers within our food system, and potential next steps for pursuing those careers. It includes occupational titles, wage and job opening data, as well as information about the types of degrees, certifications, or other training that may be required. It is designed to complement the Food System Career Profiles and Pathways report (2016), as it provides additional information for students about careers they become interested in through the Profiles. Created by Elizabeth McCarty with support from the Career Profiles Task Force.


Slow Money VT 2018 Entrepreneur Application

Downloadable PDF of Slow Money Vermont 2018 Entrepreneur Showcase application


Water Quality

A collection of resources pertaining to current water quality as well as ways for improvement.