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Categories: Food Access

COVID-19 Support Food Insecurity: Impact of Covid-19

UVM has been collecting and releasing results surveys of Vermonters related to COVID-19 and food access and security.

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COVID-19 Support COVID-19 Impacts on Food Security and Systems: A Third Survey of Vermonters

The results of UVM's third survey of Vermonters about the impact of COVID-19 on food security and systems is now available. This data was collected in August and September 2020, and the attached research brief details the key results. This most recent survey of 600 Vermonters, representative on race, ethnicity and income across the state, highlight continued challenges, but also some positive outcomes. Key findings include: - Nearly 30% of Vermont households experienced food insecurity at some point since the pandemic - Households more likely to be food insecure include low income households, households with children, households with a job disruption, and respondents without a college degree - 1/3 of respondent households used food assistance programs since COVID-19, an overall 18% increase in food assistance program use since before the pandemic - Diet quality has been impacted since COVID-19- 25% of respondents are eating fewer fruits and vegetables and 50% of households with food insecurity report eating fewer fruits and vegetables - Concerns and challenges about food access have mostly gone down since March 2020, with the exception that Vermonters are more concerned about the cost of food (71% concerned) - Self food reliance is increasing- 42% of respondents did some…

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Abenaki Land Link Project

The Abenaki Land Link Project is a partnership between the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk - Abenaki Nation and NOFA-VT to provide indigenous seeds to gardeners, homesteaders, and farmers around Vermont who are dedicating land to grow and harvest food for Abenaki citizens. For more information about the project contact Livy Bulger, Education and Engagement Manager at NOFA-VT, livy@nofavt.org.

Abenaki Land Link Project Support the Abenaki Land Link Project

Support the Abenaki Land Link Project by donating to the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk - Abenaki Nation by following this link, scrolling down to the "Donate" button and making a note about the project in their donation.

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