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Grass-Fed Beef

A collection of resources providing market research, best production practices, and budgeting tools for grass-fed beef production

Grass-Fed Beef Feeder Working Budget

Excel grass-fed feeder budgeting tool to help your farm assess and plan for profitability.


Grass-Fed Beef Cow-Calf Working Budget

Excel grass-fed cow-calf budgeting tool to help your farm assess and plan for profitability.


Career Profiles Career Profiles Project: Randolph Technical Career Center Farmer Profiles

As part of the F2P Career Profiles Project, the 2017-2018 Agricultural Technology class at Randolph Technology Career Center interviewed three local farmers to compare their farm operations and career paths.


Retail Training Collection Daily Huddle

A daily huddle provides a way to solve minor issues quickly, keeps line staff informed of operational details, allows for staff participation in problem solving, and increases personal accountability.


Retail Training Collection How Do You Rate? Communication

An evaluation of interpersonal communication.


Retail Training Collection Exercising Your Leadership

“Business, like life, is all about how you make people feel. It’s that simple, and it’s that hard.” - Danny Meyer


Retail Training Collection Produce Financial Worksheet

Use this exercise to increase financial aptitude and better understand the way these categories relate to each other. Enter your answers in the grey cells (if you are working digitally, answers will be checked for correctness).


Retail Training Collection Managing Shrink

Shrink: the loss of product due to theft, fraud, error, and faulty processes; it is also expressed as “the difference between the retail value of product received versus the amount received for that product at the time of its sale”. Managing shrink is a combination of employee awareness and training, industry best practices, and the use of technology.