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Retail Training Collection How Do You Rate? Meat Department

An evaluation of the meat department within an organization.


Retail Training Collection Meat Department: The Bell Curve

Price is only one factor in the how-to-buy equation. The most disciplined retailers track not just price but also product quality, timeliness of delivery, and the delivery accuracy of every single order.


Retail Training Collection Tips for Receiving

Receiving is critical for managing quality control and product shrink!


Retail Training Collection Independent Grocery Store Audit/Self Assessment

A self assessment tool for whole-store or department evaluation modified from Rural Grocery Initiative in Kansas.


Farm to Institution

A collection of resources exploring the world of local food in schools, hospitals, colleges, and other institutions.

Farm to Institution Local Food Processing White Papers: Workforce Development: A Challenging Opportunity

Several national trends are converging that make finding and retaining the right workforce for the expansion of food manufacturing increasingly challenging.


Farm to Institution Local Food Processing White Papers: The Culinary Incubator Business Model

Culinary incubators face an interlocking set of issues: a challenging revenue model, high fixed costs, difficulty in maintaining facility utilization, and complex scheduling and operational logistics. Similar to other business incubators or accelerators, to help their clients succeed they must possess deep expertise and a robust network of industry contacts.


Farm to Institution Local Food Processing White Papers: Food Safety Regulation: An Introduction for Entrepreneurs

This brief introduction is intended for entrepreneurs either exploring or starting a food manufacturing business. Because state and local regulation varies, the focus will be on understanding the interlocking structure of food safety regulation, particularly at the federal level, and identifying resources for interested readers to learn more.


Farm to Institution Local Food Processing White Papers: The Equipment Question

The food and beverage manufacturing industry in the United States is made of up of a small number of huge, diversified companies such as Tyson Foods, PepsiCo, and Nestle (“Top 100 2016”) and a large number of much smaller players. According to the 2012 U.S. Economic Census, the 50 largest food manufacturers in the United States accounted for more than half of all food manufacturing value creation. Not surprisingly, the large manufacturers enjoy significant efficiencies of scale, keeping food prices low.


Farm to Institution New England Food Hub Network: Exploring Options to Enhance Food Hub Collaboration & Increase New England Farm to Institution Sales

Six food hubs across the six New England states participated in this research through in-depth interviews, facility tours, and in-person group discussions. The research team also interviewed stakeholders from six institutions in the greater Boston area, leading institutional distributors, and representatives from food service management companies in the region.