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A collection of resources providing information about energy use, renewable energy, and alternative energy forms on farms.

Energy Farm to Plate Energy Success Stories

The Energy Cross-cutting Team of the Farm to Plate Network released Energy Success Stories at the 2014 Farm Show. Direct and indirect energy costs have wide impacts throughout Vermont's food system. The Energy Success Stories showcase farms, businesses, vendors, installers, and technical assistance providers that have made a difference with energy efficiency savings and renewable energy production.

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Energy 2016 Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan

The Department of Public Service completed an update to the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan in early 2016. Farm to Plate Energy Cross Cutting Team members reviewed drafts in the fall as part of the public input process. Comments and edits from the team were largely incorporated and were focused in the ag-related parts of the plan:  non-wood biomass (thermal renewable energy), biodiesel (transportation energy), anerobic digesters (renewable energy), and solar siting (renewable energy).

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Energy Promoting Adoption of Biomass Fuels for Heating Vegetable Greenhouses in Vermont

This project demonstrated the use of biomass heating for greenhouse vegetable production at sites across Vermont.

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Water Quality

A collection of resources pertaining to current water quality as well as ways for improvement.

Water Quality Agricultural Practice Monitoring and Evaluation

Final Report on Lake Champlain water quality. (2015)

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