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Agricultural Land Use Planning Modules

Agricultural planning modules that provide guidance and resources on new issues like food system planning, agripreneurism, and composting, while giving detailed guidance on historically important issues such as farmland conservation, farmland and taxes, and land use regulations. These topics are covered in 5 short easily digestible modules that can be read as a series or quickly referenced individually.

Agricultural Land Use Planning Modules Module 2: Agricultural Land Conservation

A planning guide to agricultural land conservation that covers partners, tools and techniques, and resources.

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Agricultural Land Use Planning Modules Module 3: Farmland and Property Taxes

This module explains how farmland is taxed, and what would happen in both the short and long term if farmland protection tools available to communities were utilized.

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Agricultural Land Use Planning Modules Module 4: Local Regulatory Context

An overview of how local regulations can promote diversified enterprises on farms that can help bolster farm viability, keep land open and in production, and maintain or enhance a community's sense of place.

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Agricultural Land Use Planning Modules Module 5: State Regulations

An overview of the intersection between agricultural land use planning and Vermont's Right to Farm Law and Act 250.

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Farm Viability

A collection of resources aimed to aid farmers and technical assistance providers in strengthening the financial performance and viability of farm and food businesses.

Farm Viability NOFA CPP: Tips for Tracking Cost of Production

Over the course of the 2016 season, 30 organic farms in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts tracked and analyzed their crop-specific costs of production. This factsheet presents lessons learned from their successes (and failures) in tracking the data needed to perform cost of production analysis.

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Farm Viability 'Business for Sale' Valuation

Following is a discussion on ‘Business for Sale’ valuation models to assist farms, value added businesses, and agricultural business planning consultants assist farms in planning for eventual farm/business transfer. Primary questions: How to determine the value of the business? How to present the ’Business for Sale’?

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