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Financing Case Studies Bread & Butter Farm Case Study

A wide variety of financing options across the capital continuum are available to assist with the capital needs of Vermont’s food system businesses. However, navigating through the multitude of financing options can be overwhelming. In response to the need to help businesses better understand and navigate the variety of financing options available to them, the Financing Cross-Cutting Team of the Farm to Plate Network convened a series of panels that illuminated financing options that different food system businesses have used—High Mowing Organic Seeds and convertible debt, Bread & Butter Farm and a complex farmland deal, Liz Lovely and royalty financing, and Aqua Vitae and convertible debt. The second financing case study, Complex Dough, focuses on the land deal that enabled Bread & Butter Farm to purchase a conserved farm in Chittenden County. Nearly a dozen organizations and more than 25 individuals were involved, including a statewide land trust, a local land trust, two municipalities, an agricultural lender, a foundation, an angel investor, CSA members, and nonprofits. Although this particular patchwork quilt of financing sources was unique to Bread & Butter Farm, the fact is that new farm ventures in Vermont must often pull together a variety of financing sources, particularly if the purchase…

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Use of Technical Assistance by Dairy Farms Survey

The Dairy Professional Development Task Force conducted surveys to determine tecnical assistance resource needs and best methods for communicating these resources among dairy farmers across the sate. Surveys were completed at the 2014 Farm Show, Dairy Producer Conference, Organic Dairy Conference, NOFA, the Grass Farmers Conference and were deleivered by Agri-Mark fieldmen to farmers. 127 surveys were returned.

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Farmland Investment Model Report

This report shares the findings, analyses and commentary of the second phase of a project conducted by Land For Good (landforgood.org) (LFG) to understand the potential of private “values-based” investment capital to provide beneficial, affordable land access and security for farmers in our New England region. LFG, in partnership with the University of Vermont Extension Center for Sustainable Agriculture, conducted a detailed investigation of four investment companies and their potential as innovative models for farmers to access—and in some cases transfer—farmland. The potential for success for farmland investor models lies in their attractiveness for farmers as well as investors.

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Storage, Aggregation, and Distribution Report for Local Food in the North Country

The goals of this study were to collect data on the distribution and storage of food in the NCIC NH region: Carroll, Coos and Grafton Counties; to assess and identify opportunities to improve efficiency of local food movement; and to increase access to market for local producers.

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